Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Today I took out my stash. Quite an undertaking. I used my trusty ball winder to compact things a bit so that my yarn and notions all fit inside my two plastic bins and baskets. I donated some stuff that I will never use to the local trash can...mostly because I've never heard of any yarn-donation-type programs around here. In other news: I may actually have a sweater's worth of yarn in Cascade 220! I doubt I have it all in one color...but I might be able to do some yoke detail or something to make it all work.

Innywho...been doing some knitting too. My mom wanted some flip-top mittens after seeing the ones I made for my aunt (her sister).My mom has taken some pity on me as you can fingers. The yarn is very very soft...I'll have to root around for the ball band but I'm pretty sure it's Patons Decor. I've started the second mitt, finished the cuff while watching Prisoner of Azkaban on TV last night. Once I'm done with that I'll take care of the tops...good stuff.Tomorrow afternoon I have two meetings...both of which make me slightly nervous. The first is with the Dean of Students to talk about how realistic my goals are and see if she has any advice for me as I get ready for next year. The second is with the Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Tufts...he's the man who'll write my "Chairman's Letter" for my application next year so I kinda need to get to know him a little bit. There is a small part of me that is terrified that I'm going to be told that I have no chance of getting into a General Surgery residency...I'm trying very hard to ignore that part. Alright...time to go to sleep...untangling hanks of yarn is hard work!! Happy knitting all!!!


ponyknit said...

hehe TWO bins? That's it? I was forced to consolidate my stash when I moved and I'm at two smaller bins, one medium, and still a bunch of yarn in a bin. Maybe your bins a XL :)
Good luck with your meetings. No worries, I'm sure they'll love you, we all do already ;)

james said...

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